DOGE NFT Domains

To be able to obtain your own DOGE NFT domain you will need to purchase our Unlock token with 15 MATIC on Polygon or pay with your credit card.

If you are not sure what NFT domains, with awesome utility, are please check out the videos on our dweb site. The DOGE NFTs are listed on OpenSea and will be sent to your wallet address as soon as we have received confirmation funds have been received.

With an NFT domain you get:

A web3 domain with no renewal fees.

No gas fees for domain management!

A free web3 site on IPFS.

Your own web 2.0 profile page.

Check out this video which covers the workflow to obtain an NFT domain:

If you prefer to pay in DOGE please contact us here with your wallet address.
Once you have purchased an Unlock token you will be able to click the link below to view a DOGE NFT!!!

If you don’t see the DOGE NFT after purchasing our Unlock token please email the details to us including your wallet address via this form.

Polygon blockchain chosen by Unstoppable Domains

Polygon blockchain and Unstoppable Domains

Polygon blockchain was announced as the layer 2 scaling solution for Unstoppable Domains on the 21st October 2021, with a launch date for minting of the NFT domains due to begin 15th November 2021. With gas fees around 1000x cheaper than Ethereum it should be a welcome boost for web3 development.

Prior to Unstoppable Domains adopting the Polygon blockchain, domain buyers were paying their own gas fees to mint them, as is normal for all NFTs. From the 15th November Unstoppable Domains will pick up the cost and this is expected to see many more domains being used in the ecosystem. Free minting, free domain management and no renewal fees is unheard of in the industry to date.

Unstoppable Domains CEO, Matthew Gould, took to Twitter Spaces following the official announcement to provide the reasoning behind their choice for the eagerly awaited layer 2 scaling solution. He said the thousands of apps already on the Polygon blockchain were potential applications that could now support NFT domains. A few of the other NFTs, from the thousands of applications already using the network, include Off and Marble Cards.


From the artists FAQ “Why is Off on Polygon? The are three main reasons this project is on Polygon: low transaction fees, low energy usage of the network, and compatibility with Opensea. The debate around energy use and blockchains is complicated and ongoing, but in the simplest case when it is possible to avoid proof of work and its energy consumption, I think one should do so.

One of the Off NFTs listed for sale on OpenSea is the HTC One M9 and yes it’s currently a plain black image in it’s current form. Please check out the details in the Off FAQ if you want to know how the artwork is revealed.

Marble Cards

A very popular NFT on the network and one we will cover in more detail in a follow up post that ties The Greats NFT launch and the Polygon blockchain together very nicely.

The Greats NFT From Wolfgang Beltracchi

The Greats NFT release is now underway and this is a follow up to the short article we published a few days ago on our NFT page. In partnership with Hashmasks, Beltracchi’s set of 4,608 pieces of art as NFTs is a rare opportunity to obtain digital artwork from one of the best forgers of the 21st Century.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the art world reacts to Beltracchi’s NFT as he’s banned from exhibiting his artwork in most of the top galleries around the world. After decades of selling his forgeries to galleries he was eventually convicted and imprisoned in 2011. Will the art world now accept he’s a very accomplished artist in his own right and exhibit the NFTs in their galleries or purchase them for their clients?

The Greats NFT
Will The Louvre ever exhibit The Greats NFT?

Traditionally museums of fine art and galleries relied on customers physically visiting them to see the art works but in recent years, following the Covid pandemic, more and more have online galleries. This makes art work available to the masses and many would argue that The Greats NFT by Beltracchi should be included. Only time will tell if the art world will accept their own shortcomings regarding provenance of Beltracchi’s former works.

Although there are fake NFTs available in the market it’s a simple procedure to check their authenticity (provenance) based on the Smart Contracts and cryptographic hashes that generated them. Would the master forger himself be offended if galleries had exhibitions containing hundreds of copies of his NFTs rather than the originals? As the sale progresses we will monitor media coverage to see if museums, galleries or known art collectors acknowledge they have obtained one of The Greats. Personally we feel it would be misguided for the art world to miss out on this rare opportunity and we want to see fine art NFTs made available to all, either through ownership or online galleries.


This week the big news for NFT releases was the MekaVerse collection. Buy in price was 0.2 ETH for those that were lucky enough to win the lottery and right now the floor on OpenSea is up to 7.1 ETH.

Although the NFTs are currently listed on OpenSea the MekaVerse team have Tweeted in the last few hours to announce “Rescheduled Reveal date : October 12th at 7PM CET

MekaVerse tweet

Some people have questioned the need for a big “reveal” on OpenSea as it’s a very well established marketplace and more than capable of handling the expected traffic. The MekaVerse servers no doubt experienced a heavy load during the 0.2 ETH lottery and minting to the blockchain. Even though demand is expected to be high from the many thousands of people that missed out we don’t envisage any issues if you want to pick up a Meka before the marketing push ramps up another gear.

As with almost all NFT releases at the moment there are many people missing out on the initial minting and some will have to keep scouring the internet in search of another project, or revert to the secondary market. It’s always going to be difficult to know when a project scales back on their marketing during the initial launch phase for NFTs. They need to create a buzz to ensure the launch is a success but when more than 90% of the whitelist miss out it’s going to leave most of the community feeling very disappointed.

Secondary marketplaces do provide residual income to artists for their NFTs, with OpenSea offering up to 10% for each resale and some sites more, but perhaps the artists should consider a second marketing phase after the initial launch. In follow up articles we will cover whitelisting and coping with bots looking to game the system for the initial NFT launch.

If you are looking for additional exposure for your particular NFT release please provide the details via our contact form.