Save Pakistan with your spare crypto

Save Pakistan is urgently requesting your support today.

Over 33 million individuals have now been displaced following unprecedented flooding in Pakistan and we hope you can help with any spare crypto you have. We have been supporters of the Trust Wallet for many years and we were able to use it today to seamlessly send ETH to the Crypto Fund for Pakistan Flood Relief.

Save Pakistan Relied Fund

Pull out your phone and type or paste SavePakistan.crypto into the recipient address field, enter the amount you wish to donate and click Next. The address of 0x54e0c…b8982c3 will be shown on the confirmation screen as per the official site for Click Confirm and your ETH will be sent to the multisig wallet managed by Rev Miller (Unchained) , Bilal Bin Saqib (Tayaba Organization), Sam Thapaliya (Zebec Protocol) and others.

Since June this year the floods have killed over 1300 people, including 300 children. 3 million acres of much needed crops have been destroyed in the floods. Global warming is affecting Pakistan right now and we are all guilty of using too much energy. Following the successful Merge of Ethereum in recent days you can now donate ETH safe in the knowledge it’s now using 99.9% less energy than when it was a Proof of Work chain.

It takes less than a minute of your time, as shown in the video below, to help the people of Pakistan.

The initial target for the funds raised are:

  • 5000 Ration Bags
  • 5000 Relief Tents 
  • 5000 Hygiene Kits 
  • 50,000 Cooked Meals 
  • 5000 Help-2-Others (H2O) Wheels  
  • 200 Water Trucks for 5000 Families Daily 
  • No. of Households/Families Targeted: 20,000  
  • No. of People Targeted: 140,000 people 

If you prefer you can donate via Gitcoin here and if you would like to help save Pakistan, but don’t currently have any spare ETH available, please follow and retweet on Twitter.