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“Blockchain god”, Andreas Antonopoulos, is well worth following on Twitter if you are not already following him. You should also subscribe to his YouTube channel which is packed with blockchain related information. The video below was published October 17, 2018, and covers sidechains, lightning network and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT).

A selection of comments from YouTube viewers to Andreas’ video:

“Awesome video – I appreciate all you do for the crypto space!!”

“Thank you so much for such an eloquent explanation your videos are so educational and have really helped grow our community”

If you are new to crypto don’t worry too much if his video doesn’t make too much sense at the moment. It will all become much, much clearer over the coming months.

If you are an experienced writer of crypto articles then hopefully the video will make some sense to you. Crypto, including blockchain, is a very broad topic with thousands of different crypto tokens and more being added every day.

A large proportion of the projects being developed today will fall by the wayside over the coming years, just as we saw with the dot com bubble. A small number of projects are likely to become huge and play a big part in FinTech for decades to come.

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