Brian Li of Rhizome accused shiller of ICX and BitConnect

P-REP candidates have been canvassing ICONists to stake their ICX with effect from 26 August 2019. We have spent hundreds of hours over the last few months reviewing P-REP candidates. As per our earlier articles the blockchain ecosystem is riddled with bad actors and this article will highlight the P-REPs you need to avoid. As per the needlessly complex IISS 2.0 published by the ICON Foundation you risk losing 6% of your ICX if you stake with a rogue P-REP.

We have been pushing the ICON Foundation to produce documentation that the average ICONist can understand. We believe they are reluctant as it will highlight the inflationary effect of IISS 2.0 based on the current levels of transactions on their blockchain. Millions of transactions will be required everyday to counter the inflation caused by paying rewards to ICONists and P-REPs. At present the ICON blockchain shows just 7,000 to 39,000 transactions per day.

P-REPs have been accused of a whole host of unsavoury antics including:

  • Doxing (doxxing) innocent families – see victims Tweet
  • Shilling ICX to over $13 and promoting BitConnect (see Comments section)
  • Trying to bribe ICONists by handing over P-REP rewards
  • Producing fake or misleading articles about ICON
  • Publishing blockchain verified lies about an ICX TX Challenge contractor
  • Banning ICONists from social media groups without justification
  • Lacking integrity and showing no respect towards ICON community members
  • Creating cartels of P-REPs to control the network

Please note the accusations have come from various sources including fellow P-REPs and the ICON Foundation. Some P-REPs have made our list purely by demonstrating over and over again that they don’t have the required knowledge to take on the task as a block producer. Let’s look at a particular example of some of the data we hold. Telegram user Sigmoid Freud posted this fairly innocuous comment in the main ICON group a few days ago.

P-REP Brian Li of Rhizome accused of shilling ICX and BitConnect

Within minutes the post was removed by moderators standing as P-Rep candidates. Sigmoid was of course referring to a well known article on Steemit that was heavily edited when the community rumbled what Brian Li of RHIZOME was up to. This is an archived screenshot of the original article with a reference to an insider that Brian Li was working with to shill ICX. This helped pump ICX to over $13 and that is why there are so many disgruntled token holders today.

Brian Li buy ICX before January

Screenshot of article revised by Brian Li and as recorded on Steemit today. Significant differences and the unacceptable shilling has changed to marketing. Ask yourself are these really the kind of people we want controlling the ICON network? The before and after screenshots are recorded on the ICON blockchain as a permanent record of how some unfortunate investors were duped into buying ICX at grossly inflated prices.

Here is the list of P-REP candidates that do not deserve your vote based on our painstaking research. If you would like copies of the data that we hold or feel your team was unfairly included in this list please use our Contact form or add your comment below this post. Remember this is a dynamic list and P-REPs will be added and removed as they change their policies. In addition further disclosures are included in the comments section below this article. Readers should familiarise themselves with our earlier articles about ICON which we posted in the months prior to producing this list. Please be sure to review the list on a regular basis and stake you ICX accordingly. We recommend ICONists join Telegram groups that are not heavily moderated by P-Rep candidates such as this one. Also subscribe for updates to this article by clicking the bell “icon” that appears in most browsers as you read through the article.

  1. ICON Foundation
  2. RHIZOME (only Rhizome team should vote for this P-Rep)
  3. ICX Australia
  4. ICX_Station
  5. ICONation
  6. Ubik Capital
  7. Everstake
  8. DSNC
  9. Certus One (possibly stood down as a P-REP)
  10. Sharpn
  11. PICONbello
  12. VELIC
  13. Signal9

We do NOT invest in ICX and we have not received any payment for publishing this article. If you are looking for details of the BLOC8 DApp they can be found here. Unlike most of the DApps currently on the ICON blockchain BLOC8 can be used from smartphones and desktop PCs. Whichever teams you select for ICX staking we advise covering a large number as it keeps the teams on their toes and reduces your potential losses from token burn penalties. If rogue actors are selected as block producing P-REPs for the ICON blockchain it could have untold consequences for ICONists and the price of ICX. If you are reading this post via the homepage rather than the direct URL click Comments for feedback and latest updates.

We are now in a position to recommend IConnect Global (Twitter Telegram value for money team) as one of our preferred P-REPs for the ICON blockchain. As soon as you are able, cancel any votes you have placed with Rhizome and move them to IConnect but remember not to stake all your ICX with a single P-REP for fear of the 6% ICX burn penalty. Here are a few of our tweets about IConnect and recommend you FOLLOW BLOC8 on Twitter for independent news of the ICON blockchain. https://twitter.com/BLOC810/status/1166752403133292545 https://twitter.com/BLOC810/status/1166692630345986048


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  • This article, like many of the posts and “insights” from BLOC8, has a lot of inadequacies in information and context and it’s quite hilarious that most of the “leading” P-Reps are on your list, oddly enough.

    People should definitely take this article with a serious grain of salt. BLOC8 has an agenda and it’s largely to hurt and discredit ICON and its members.

    Regarding the “transactions issue”. We are discussing a network that, as of yet, hasn’t even “launched” yet. It officially launches in September at which point DAPPS and various ICONLOOP clients will begin connecting to and using ICX. In addition ICONLOOPs entire purpose for the ICON public network is to move their private clients onto the public network whenever possible. Transactions will grow rather quickly over the next few months. Inflation will be far less of a problem them portrayed here.

    Secondly, the burn penalty is HARD TO ACHIEVE. P-Reps would have to be INACTIVE for 15% or more of all block transactions. So if, for say, we are discussing 30 days, they would have to be completely offline for at least 4.5 days to fall under 85% productivity. There is also a grace period implemented for the first 30 days of the network, I believe. Almost ALL P-reps are taking this VERY seriously and implementing backups and/or alerts to help them manage any issues. Additionally, you can re-delegate your staked ICX at any point. So should you see a P-REP is not performing as you had hoped, simply move your delegate ICX (Yes, even during the lockup period).

    Comment by Editor: thank you for taking the time to comment on our article. We could just do what the social media mods do and remove your post but we believe ICONists deserve to know the real ICON news. You might find it hilarious that some of the better known candidates are included in our list, for others it is very worrying.

    You do not have a crystal ball so you have no idea how many TX will be processed on the ICON blockchain a few months from now. Unless millions of transactions are processed every day it will be inflationary as it is currently designed. The design can be changed but if there are too many rogue P-Reps the modifications might simply be to give themselves more ICX.

    During the P-Rep testnet evaluation several teams would have had token burn penalties imposed on their voters and the testnet is a tiny fraction of the size of mainnet. Some rogue P-Reps are working on the basis that some ICONists will be too lazy to move their vote and they are confident they can bury any complaints as they have control of most of the posts on social media.

    Do you think Rhizome is a suitable candidate or has the team been falsely accused of shilling ICX to unsuspecting investors?

    • https://steemit.com/crypto/@bwhli/buy-icx-before-January This is the caliber of Rhizome, faking inside information to pump the price and dump on investors. They have no credibility and should be removed as a P-rep.

      • I see nothing wrong with that article. Where is the lies in it? I don’t see any fake information. There is nothing wrong with marketing and giving insight into a company is normal everywhere. If u are an investor u are responsible for ur investment and should not cry wolf when u lose money because of ur greed. When the price is going up nobody is complaining, this is the reason why governments only want accredited investors. You guys should change the delivery and tone of your messages cause u sound like disgruntled former employers who have agendas to the outside people looking in. I was interested in the information being given out but the delivery is too negative and all I’m left wondering is what’s ur agenda. Good heads up though people can always change there votes if the preps aren’t acting accordingly.
        Editors note: Why would Brian Li of Rhizome make these “innocent” changes and did you take the time to read the other comments before you posted. You have a lot to learn about the ICON blockchain and ICX if you seriously believe the delivery is too negative. Happy to discuss in more detail with anyone.

  • Some of the reasons why ICONation and ICX_Station don’t deserve your vote.

    Chat with Radiofriendly123 of ICONation https://yogameditationcyprus.com/iconation/messages.html

    Chat with Spl3en of ICONation https://yogameditationcyprus.com/xyzspl3en9/messages.html

    Chat with Daeki Lee of ICX_Station (Ricky Dodds crew) https://yogameditationcyprus.com/hgsdaekilee549/messages.html (compare chat dates with blockchain payments to disqualified teams).

  • Rhizome, has much more to answer for than this current attempt to scam ICX holders.
    Before moving to his new ‘passion project’, He was a BitConnect (sp) recruiter who ended up profiting in the millions of dollars, which meant every dollar he gained was a dollar from another investor who believed what he was selling, rather than understanding it was a Pyramid Scheme. Taking from investors and putting a share into his pocket. He is responsible for families who lost over $17 Million Dollars. He has been issued a summons to appear in court in the USA and the only reason you will not find information on this is because he deleted all YouTube Videos and his Medium account dedicated to this scam. The lawsuit is an active investigation that is attempting to have him sent to the USA to face charges. Which is why it is not currently public information to those who are not claimants like my family, in the legal battle to get him over here. I was stupid enough to believe his videos when I first found out about Crypto and my family lost $85,000 USD to his scam. He sent over 700 emails to our family talking us into making this investment after we watched a video of his and made contact through his channel at the time. Worst mistake I could of made. He even knew we were expecting twins at the time and this was our savings towards their future education. Do not let this person which he calls a team, profit from your ICX investment. I beg you to not let him live a life of luxury when he is full of evil.

  • Great info, sent you my email in your form and history I have with people you talk of.

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  • Staking is a mechanism through which ICON token holders can support the decentralization of the network and earn rewards on their tokens. With staking, you can stake your ICX voting rights to a representative (e.g. P-Rep, DApp, EEP) for a period of time, and earn more ICX based on the size of your stake. Staking on ICX is non-custodial — meaning that you do not actually have to transfer your tokens. However, it does require you to lock-up your ICX for a certain period of time.

    Editor: Thank you for adding details about staking and we can confirm the lock up period is between 5 and 20 days depending on overall level of ICX staked to the network. Do remember that even though staking is non-custodial you can still lose up to 6% of your ICX if you vote for a rogue P-REP i.e. the tokens can be permanently locked.

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  • I voted for xxx * their strategy sounds great, and they are connecting with companies, promoting ICON for their needs, even before being a P-Rep or getting any funding.

    Editor * are you able to confirm your ID so we can show the P-REP team you are supporting? Are you using the DPASS app published by ICONLOOP? You can send details to us in private via the contact page.

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